A First Time for Everything


My name is DarkHorizon, the founder of Eyes & Ears Search & Rescue set in the online MMORPG that is Dual Universe.

For those who don’t know me too well, that’s alright, I usually keep a low profile on the forums and only post where it interests me to do so anyway. If you happen to be a member of the Unofficial Community Discord, however, that is a somewhat different story. As a moderator, I can become pretty chatty so feel free to poke me over there and we can talk.

Let’s start out with a quick sprint through my life offline and I’ll throw in a few fun tidbits for good measure.

I live in the state of North Dakota, spitting distance from the Canadian border. For those who haven’t been here, we have two seasons, pretty hot, and really cold. I was born in the middle of the pretty hot season on July second and I’m currently in my twenties. Born and raised a Christian, I follow my beliefs but I am in no way able to describe myself as ‘hardcore’, and if you want to discuss the subject feel free but I usually stay quiet on religion.

As far as schooling goes, I graduated from tech school with a liberal arts degree this year (2018) and I’m debating college. I’m looking at a job on the railroad and maybe even as a rail conductor, you know, the guy who drives the locomotives? My dream job is a meteorologist with a side of storm chasing, but that requires some higher up mathematics, a subject which I thoroughly despise.

If you’ve seen me around on the forums or, more likely, the community discord, you will be soon to learn that I have an affinity for dragons. People say that I’m a part of the furry community and while that might be true, I have never put on a suit, don’t participate in any dances around a fire in the middle of a forest, and I don’t see myself as some mythical creature, but simply a human with a fascination with the art and stories of these fantastical beasts.

Alongside my other interests, coin collecting, tanks (particularly those of the WWII era), the weather for previously mentioned reasons, astronomy and snakes.

That last one has a bit of a funny story attached to it. Back in middle school, my pet Champ, who was a Norwegian Forest cat and fourteen at the time quietly passed away in the grip of arthritis and type two diabetes. Having had a pet all my life, I needed something to fill the void left behind. After a ton of time on the school’s computers, I wanted a snake, a corn snake in particular.

I have an older brother, about thirteen years my senior who had a snake when he was my age. Guess what, the thing got loose and mom was home all alone. After a whole evening of searching, the duo found the reptile between the couch cushions. Mom has had an uncanny fear of snakes ever since and said no pretty quickly. That rejection led me to dragons, but I can’t have those as a pet for obvious reasons.

Well, I think this is all about my personal life that I’ll cover. I hope this allowed you to learn a little more about the man behind the username and found this a worthwhile read.

If you are interested in the more game related side to me, feel free to read the next blog.


Fly safe,


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